Go 2 the ticket page to order your official ticket or buy your official Festicket travel package on our Travel page.

Visitors with VIP tickets have to enter through the separate VIP entrance. Just follow the signs “VIP”. At the VIP entrance you will receive a VIP bracelet. You will also have access to the VIP deck in the main room.

Timetable will be available a few weeks before the event.

Rampage will take place Friday & Saturday, March 29 & 30, 2019 from 19:00h till 06:00h. There will be increased security measures and controls by the security staff. Please follow all instructions carefully for your own safety and for a smooth entrance.

We ask you to bring as little unnecessary stuff or bags as possible, but do dress up warmly when cold. IN=IN, OUT=OUT. The entrance will close at 3 AM.

Sportpaleis Antwerp
Schijnpoortweg 119
2170 Merksem


There is a bike park in front of the Lotto Arena – 100m on the left hand-side of the main entrance.

For detailed parking information, click here.

Here you will find all information concerning the Park & Ride parkings.

All persons who have purchased a ticket for this event, will be able to travel for free within Antwerp with ‘De Lijn’ – this includes all travel with public busses ‘De Lijn’ and metro/trams.

During the night there will be connections from Sportpaleis to the Park & Ride-parkings and the centre of Antwerp. The first tram (number 3) in the morning, direction Merksem/Antwerp, will be available from 05:30h.  Plan your trip by checking this overview or get yourself updated at www.delijn.be.

Nearest airports:

Brussels Airport: www.brusselsairport.be
Antwerp Airport: www.luchthaven-antwerpen.com
Amsterdam Airport: www.schiphol.nl

Take the THALYS train from Paris France, or Amsterdam, The Netherlands. There is a stop at Central station Antwerp, where you can take Tram 3 to the venue. Exit “SPORT”.

Take the Eurostar from London to Brussels Midi. From there you can take the train to Antwerp Central Station, where you can take Tram 3 to the venue, Exit “SPORT”

Take the Ferry at Dover, UK. Calais, France, you can drive to Antwerp.

Take the train to Antwerp Central Station. From there, take tram 3 to Merksem and take exit “Sport”. For more information: www.nmbs.be.

For all buses: please take Parking “Slachthuis”. Walking distance to Sportpaleis: 150 meters. For more details on parking check the briefing sent to all registered buses. If you haven’t announced your bus to us yet, please do so before January 19th. Unannounced buses will have to pay a supplementary parking fee upon arrival.

The following directions are given by Sportpaleis and the local authorities: it is forbidden to drop off/pick up visitors in front of the entrance or nearby Sportpaleis. All buses have to drop off the visitors at Parking “Slachthuis” and can wait there during the event. Buses who drop off visitors and leave are also obliged to use Parking “Slachthuis”.

After the event, visitors have to go back to Parking “Slachthuis”, where the buses are stationed. Note that it is strictly forbidden to collect visitors in front of the entrance or nearby Sportpaleis.

There will be lockers available at the Sportpaleis. We recommend sharing a locker with your friends to save money and space. Rampage cannot be held responsible for any damages or thefts.

Cash or PIN payments are possible at the ticket points, both inside the Sportpaleis.

Besides cash, it is possible to buy tokens by using the following cards: Bancontact/Mister Cash – Maestro – Mastercard – Visa. It is not possible to take out some extra cash. You also can pay with these cards at the merchandise stands.

Please note that your tokens are NOT VALID at the food stands in the Sportpaleis. The food courts in the Sportpaleis are not run by Rampage but by a partner of the venue. Make sure you bring enough cash in case you become hungry during the night.

There is an absolute Zero Tolerance policy regarding drugs. Visitors will be checked at the entrance. The minimum age is 16 years. IN = IN, OUT = OUT. Make sure to bring your ID, because age will be checked at the entrance. No valid ID = no entry and no refund!

We are very lucky to have a professional media team. They will capture the whole event through video footage and photographs. That is why we strongly recommend to experience and enjoy the event with your own eyes and not through your smartphone.

There will be an official media team at “Rampage”. Our photographers and camera crew will be up and running during the event, so make sure to wear your brightest smile.

The official aftermovie for “RAMPAGE” will be available in a few weeks after the event. The official pictures will be available on our Facebook page and on our website, a few days after the event. Please note: you may have been photographed, but this does not mean that your picture will end up online.

The following items are not allowed: bottles of perfume, aerosol deodorant bottles, selfie sticks, food, drinks, any kind of weapons, drugs, football flags/any signs of racism or hate.

There will be merchandise available during “RAMPAGE”. You can find the merchandise stand in the main entrance Sportpaleis. Merchandise is also available online. Go to our webshop for more info.

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