To visit Rampage by train, Antwerp Central Station is the destination. This train station has a connection with the venue by Public Transport “De Lijn”.


Free Public Transport by “De Lijn” is included in your ticket. Tram 3 has a good connection from Antwerp Center and Antwerp Central Station to the venue. You need to take Premotrostation “SPORT” to arrive at the venue. Click here for more info. Public transport is availabe during the night and morning.


E313 Hasselt/Liege; E34 Turnhout/Eindhoven
Take Exit 3 – Borgerhout, turn left and then right, Noordersingle.
Parking Spoor Oost on your left.

E19 Mechelen/Brussels; A12 Brussels; E17 Ghent/Kortrijk; E34 Bruges
Take Exit 2– Deurne, turn left at the lights. then turn left again on the next lights, Noordersingle.
Parking Spoor Oost on your right.

E19 Breda; A12 Bergen-op-Zoom/Rotterdam; Brasschaat
Take Exit 1 – Merksem, turn left at the lights. Straight until you cross the Sportpaleis on your right. Keep right on the next lights direction Noordersingle. Turn left.
Parking Spoor Oost on your right.

If you are coming by car, you can use the following parkings:

Parking Slachthuis – Slachthuislaan
Parking Spoor Oost – Noordersingel

We advise to Park & Ride areas. More info here.


There is a Bicycle storage on the left hand-side of the main entrance.

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